This reminds me of the type of theatrical makeup in tim burton films. I love.

I want to walk around like this everyday, I love sparkles.

"No" makeup at Marc Jacobs.

The hair is fantastically whimsical. I love how dry and fluffy it is.

fake freckles, its about time the beauty norms are being questioned. freckled faces are divine.

can’t stop…won’t stop. my fav catwalk makeup so far this season.

viv west does it best.

make up tears.

Edward scissor hands springs to mind…in an awesome way.

sounds like I’m not alone then…

thanks everyone that replied on my boy trouble post. The reason I’m hurting is because I’m in limbo, waiting to travel back to london to discuss things and until then I have no idea what will happen. This time next week I might be single or I might be more loved up than ever…this turmoil is shit. 
one thing it has taught me is “you might love them to bits but love yourself more” every girl deserves to be a princess. x