The sheen on the skin is divine

Beyond pretty

lestroispommes asked:
i am so glad you are accepting, u are a little queen dear

What a lovely person you are, thank you darling x

So crisp and cold looking, even the lips have been neutralised. Winters coming.


Roberto Cavalli Fall - Winter 2014/2015 Backstage.

Model: Xiao Wen Ju.

Really amazing smokey technique on Asian eyes. How gorgeous!

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grungey…love the expression too.

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this is brilliant. punk meets new age traveller. essence of youth, argh i could eat this up.

cheap and trashy chic

Anonymous asked:
Why don't you ever include the sources of your pictures? It not only seems rude, but often people (at least myself) will want to know what collection the makeup look is from.

I get this quite a lot…
first things first I’m not a rude person and it’s sad to think my blog could be interpreted that way but hey…can’t please the masses. 

this blog is my guilty pleasure, it’s my escape. I love devouring amazing images and being inspired. I’m overjoyed people want to accompany me on my journey but ultimately this is my relaxation. It makes me happy…I have no intention of starting to credit my images because then this blog would feel like a chore to me because unfortunately I’m a very disorganised person. 

Please recognise not everyone is here to serve you, instead why not join me in being delighted if not momentarily in an uncredited image, no distractions :)


flirtatious flick.