insignifican-ce asked:
What eye colours look best with grey or silver shadows? Love your blog btw x

Well grey and silver are quite universal colours, they suit all eye colours. The only difference is in the tone you might put on your eyes. If you’re eyes are cool toned then stick to icy looking silvers and light greys rather than moody purpley greys which would suit warm eyes along with more brassy tones of silver. Hope that helps x

Such an amazing shape.

The most gorgeous of flicks, this would translate quite smoothly when the eye is open because there is no heavy crease. But make sure you keep your eye as open as possible.

Really gorgeous simple hint of spring. 

Anonymous asked:
Hello lovely! Ok so I have naturally dark blonde/light brown hair so my eyebrows and lashes aren't that dark. I dye my hair a lot and I was thinking sometime I'd like to go black with a full fringe. D'you think it would be a better idea to tint my brows and lashes darker? I thought it would maybe make it seem more natural?

Sounds fabulous I love intense colours. Dye your hair first and see whether lighter brows and lashes suit you or not, sometimes it looks interesting and different other times it could make you look washed out and constantly ill. Tinting eyelashes and eyebrows is so easy to do so either way. Be careful with black pigment though it’s extremely hard to get out of hair should you want to re trace your steps x

Super sweaty, smudgy smokey eyes.

I bet that was exceptionally fun to do.

That hair. Just the most sexy thing ever.

I have a lot of time for chunky playful liner.

I’ve reblogged images of this makeup before but just wow, how captivating.

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