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Scruffy buns


Beauty-student Summer Giveaway!

Hello lovely followers, sorry I haven’t done a giveaway for a while but I have something very special for you all!

Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle by Jo Malone £280! Burns for 230 hours.

This is a truly special candle…with a tantalising mix of wood/amber, raspberry and pomegranate.

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Thanks so much for following I’m overwhelmed by the love :)

I will choose the winner on the 25th of august!


Get involved peeps 👌❤️ xxx

I want this headpiece.

Products with a high pay off of colour like this make me excited. Especially when you can create cool organic shapes on the eyelid.

Yep…I definitely have a block fetish at the moment.

Block shapes, I just have a thing for outlines and block shapes…

For most people we don’t have symmetrical eye sockets so you will have to learn to overcompensate with your shapes to make them symmetrical…if that’s your thing but hey asymmetry is unique and beautiful.

Sometimes the most simple of patterns/process creates the most amazing effect.


Anonymous asked:
How did you do to change your hair from black to red without any damage?

I would think there has been some damage I’m afraid but then I am a very impulsive person, my hair was in very good condition before so I can’t actually see much difference, I also had a cut at the same time so the ends which would normally dry up were taken off. I had a bleach bath because dark hair naturally lightens to an copper tone when you bleach it, only takes a short while. Then they just toned it to the shade I wanted :) 

Actually realised I did it at the WORST TIME :( I love being super pale and dying my eyebrows too so I’m a 50s red head but I’m going away on holiday and I tan really well so I’m going back dark again to avoid looking like a head to toe carrot haha :) x

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